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IDEinteriorstudio interior design

head quarter of the interior designer Giancarlo Santoro, expertly mixes luxury, flair and professionalism by offering a bouquet of tailor-made services to those who want to transform their apartment, loft, hotel or shop, into something truly exclusive.

A real breeding ground of ideas and "tailor-made services" available to those who intend to transform an apartment, a loft, a hotel or a shop, into something truly unique.

In fact, even a small input is enough to set the creativity of the IDE'interiorstudio working group in motion, which will elaborate, with the enthusiasm and determination that has always distinguished it, entirely personalized spaces of charm.

Projects, which will materialize with the help of its close-knit staff and a network of carefully selected partners specializing in construction, lighting, decorations, taps and furnishings, acting not only as an intermediary but also as guarantor towards customers so that wishes, needs and times of delivery, are fully respected.


"Ide 'interior studio" was born in 2014 thanks to the experience gained by Giancarlo Santoro as interior designer and expert in the design and complete realization of living spaces.


In other words, Giancarlo spends many years as an appreciated collaborator of advanced furniture companies, home spaces and Contract and from this he derives a certainty, that of wanting to create a different company as an organization chart and operational purposes.

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